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  • We have used the services of C2C for both the collection of data and other data driven projects. At all times C2C has been very professional and carried out all the projects with extreme attention to detail. The reporting feedback which is provided on a regular basis enables us to track the substantial value that C2C is providing. I would not hesitate to recommend C2C to anyone considering any of their outsourcing services.

    Graham Hellier MBE Verified Learning ­ Spain / UK / Australia
  • I started by outsourcing Content Development to C2C. And overtime I also outsourced my book-keeping to them and they also assisted me in recruiting a person for my firm! They are truly HOLISTIC outsourcing vendors. Whether you want a KPO service or a BPO, they have it all under one roof.

    Founder CEO, Travel agency
  • I got an internal audit done from them and was impressed by their farsighted and practical suggestions on saving costs through outsourcing. I then opted for their customer care call center, and have been sustainably making profits since then!

    CEO, E-commerce portal of home appliances
  • I had outsourced Lead Generation to many vendors. But nobody got me better leads than C2C. My sales doubled overnight with their superb leads!

    Marketing Manager, Insurance Services

Inbound Call Center Services

An Inbound Call Center is where all the incoming phones are received and responded to. These phones can be by customers who want to enquire about and then place an order of a product/service. Or they can be by customers who want remedy for the fault in the product/service which they have bought from you. Every call is like somebody knocking your door. If you don't answer all the incoming calls, you are shutting your door to a world of opportunities.

Call2Customer provides a dedicated Inbound Call Center solution to ensure that no matter what the call volume, no call is missed. And each and every call is a meaningful and gainful conversation.

You can avail the following Inbound Call Centers services of C2C:

 Answering Service

A research says more than 70% people hang up when they figure it's a machine at the other end, and not a human answering. Now calculate the amount and effort you spent on advertisement to get the person to make this call. Each wasted call is wasted revenue!

C2C offers you a dedicated Answering Service which ensures that every caller feels valued. Our best service is distinguished from the rest as:

  • We provide 24x7 services, or for specific peak hours, or during off-work hours when your staff goes back home.
  • Our Call Center Agents are genteel and refined, equipped with the best language skills and proficient in the neutral global accent
  • You can choose the number of Agents, depending upon your call volume.

  • Read more about for our Telephone Answering Service to avail..

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 Customer Care Service

Relationship with customer, like every other relationship, depends on whether you help them in times of need. If you can't provide assistance whenever the customer is struggling with your product, then certainly the customer will choose another company next time.

C2C ensurescomplete customer retention and also complete customer satisfaction through dedicated Customer Support. Our best service is distinguished from the rest as:

  • We provide 24x7 Customer support services, round the clock.
  • We are proficient in operations of software such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and others, and can share timely reports (daily/weekly/monthly) with you
  • Our Customer Care Agents are trained to pacify irate customers and ensure optimum satisfaction of all customers. The Agents converse in neutral global accent

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 Technical Help Desk Service

Even those who are typically tech-savvy often require assistance with a new product or for troubleshooting.

We, at C2C offer you a dedicated technical team which ensures that there is first call resolution of every technical glitch. Our best service is distinguished from the rest as:

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 Inbound Sales

For Inbound Sales to occur, one requires driven Agents who can describe your product alluringly to the customer and not just sell, but also upsell and cross-sell.

C2C offers you a dedicated Inbound Sales team which ensures that every call is converted into a sale. Our best service is distinguished from the rest as:

  • We can provide 24x7 Inbound Sales Service
  • We have a reward and recognition program for the Agent generating maximum sales. This keeps them self-motivated and driven to achieve higher targets.
  • Our Agents are trained in salesmanship skills and techniques of upselling and cross-selling

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 Order Taking

Order taking is the penultimate step before the deal finalizes. Unprofessionalism in order taking can lead to cancellations of the deals straight away.

C2C offers you a dedicated Order-taking team which ensures that every order is well taken, its status is maintained and the customers are always reassured about their order. Our service is the best and distinguished from the rest as:

  • We can provide 24x7 Order-taking Service from Catalogues or Direct Response from TV or Radio info commercials
  • We maintain the order and the order status, and these reports are always accessible to you. Customers are informed about their delivery status on call.

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