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  • I started by outsourcing Content Development to C2C. And overtime I also outsourced my book-keeping to them and they also assisted me in recruiting a person for my firm! They are truly HOLISTIC outsourcing vendors. Whether you want a KPO service or a BPO, they have it all under one roof.

    Founder CEO, Travel agency
  • I got an internal audit done from them and was impressed by their farsighted and practical suggestions on saving costs through outsourcing. I then opted for their customer care call center, and have been sustainably making profits since then!

    CEO, E-commerce portal of home appliances
  • I had outsourced Lead Generation to many vendors. But nobody got me better leads than C2C. My sales doubled overnight with their superb leads!

    Marketing Manager, Insurance Services

Outbound Call Center Services

Outbound Call Center is where the bulk of the outgoing calls are made from. An Outbound Call Center executes the tele-marketing campaigns, calls up customers for collections, generates crucial leads, does a market survey et al. Every caller of the Call Centers service is like the voice of your enterprise. And you must ensure that they reflect highly of your business. Courteous voice, refined language, grace and aplomb are the requisites for each Agent calling on your behalf.

At C2C, we have Agents with all of these qualities and more! Our pool of proficient callers executes your outbound call center functions flawlessly. We offer a dedicated solution of outbound calling because your outbound calling speaks volumes about your enterprise.

You can avail the following Outbound Call Centers services of C2C:

 Market Research and Survey

You can't succeed in marketing without knowing your market, period! Whether you want to introduce a new product/service, or enhance the sales of your existing product, you ought to first decipher the market dynamics.

C2C Surveys help you determine what your target market share is, who your potential customers are and what their market interaction pattern is. Our best service is distinguished from the rest as:

  • We offer an exhaustive web based research or secondary research service and provide you the data in comprehensive and ready-to-use format
  • We develop the Questionnaire design for research only after probing you and capturing your exact requirements and expectations from the survey
  • We perform conjoint analysis of a product/service to assess the value of each feature of that product/service.
  • We do a complete regression and correlation analysis of each factor, to identify the interdependence and how changing one variable will lead to changes in the other.
  • We process your data and deliver final presentation in the format you require MS excel, power point presentation or Word/pdf Reports with clear cut contingency tables and easy to understand graphs.
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 Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing solution is the only marketing strategy which gives the highest 'Returns on Investment'. It costs much lesser than hiring door-to-door salespersons, or getting advertisements broadcast.

C2C helps you seal the deal over phone with our eloquent driven tele-marketing Agents. Our best service is distinguished from the rest as:

  • We have provision for 100% call recording and random call checking, to ensure optimum quality of calls.
  • We prepare our 'sales pitch script' only after in-depth understanding your product, its best features and product life cycle.
  • Before the tele-callers make their first call, we ensure that they have undergone an exhaustive training about your enterprise, the product/service on offer, the standard customer and the cultural backdrop of the country where calls are being made
  • Our tele-callers are self-motivated to achieve the targets of selling, as well as up-selling and cross-selling. Because we have an internal rewards and recognitions as per the performance of the tele-callers.

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 Appointment Setting

You can either spend your time and effort to get an appointment, or you can spend it for preparing to maximize the gains from this appointment.

C2C offers an efficacious appointment setting service which enables you to slot your day well and make each meeting gainful. The performance of the sales team is also greatly enhanced with the targeted appointments. Our best service is distinguished from the rest as:

  • We create segments within our database on the basis of location, profession etc. whenever possible. On the basis of this information we prepare strategic outbound calling program with your inputs.
  • We have a double-check procedure of confirming the appointment. After an appointment is scheduled, we call up once again few hours before the appointment to confirm for any last minute changes and also provide a reminder. This ensures that no time is wasted on vain appointments
  • We notify you instantly whenever any appointment is confirmed, postponed or cancelled, through the medium you choose like sending an email or sending a text message or phone.
  • We have also executed a 'feedback from appointment' service for many of our clients. We call after the sales representative has fulfilled the appointment and we obtain the feedback of our customers about the sales representative's conduct in the meeting.

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 Lead Generation

In the absence of leads, or a narrowed down list of lucrative potential customers, your sales team gets scattered. The secret of all the business leaders of the day is successful harnessing of business leads.

C2C offers you the service of Lead generation, so that you have a ready list to convert into sales. Our best service is distinguished from the rest as:


Collection is the most important function for any enterprise, because a sale is meaningless until its encashment. Collection often requires more than one call and persistent reminders.

C2C has executed collections for various clients with its resolute Call Center Agents. Our best service is distinguished from the rest as:

  • Our approach is modified for each kind of customer. We are courteous to customers who are willing to oblige and we speak in authoritative tone and tenor with those who seem to defy. However we take special care to ensure that no customer is ever dealt with bitterly.
  • We have ensured cent per cent collections by obtaining compliance from all customers
  • Our Collection status report is accessible to you at all times.
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Nothing yields results without a determined follow-up.

At C2C, we have a customer oriented approach for follow-up. We take over from the point where you left the conversation, and then take it to the sought conclusion. Our best service is distinguished from the rest as:

  • We maintain a follow-up sheet where we list all the remarks by customers. This sheet is accessible to you.
  • We make reminder calls as per the specified requested time by customers. We make n number of times, until the final objective is achieved
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 Voice Broadcast

Voice broadcast is one of the most targeted and cost-efficient advertising techniques. As in a Voice Broadcast you can pick the persons you want to deliver the message and advertise exclusively to them through mobile.

C2C provides the technology support as well as the voice artiste for superior voice broadcast. Our best service is distinguished from the rest as:

  • We obtain the requisite details about the content and intent of the voice broadcast. The first draft for message for voice broadcast is drafted by us using alluring words in the copy. It is finalized after inputs and approval from you.
  • We can provide single/multiple voices for the broadcast and of the preferred gender, tone and tenor
  • Our Voice Broadcast solutions are the best priced in the industry
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