What our client says about us:

  • We have used the services of C2C for both the collection of data and other data driven projects. At all times C2C has been very professional and carried out all the projects with extreme attention to detail. The reporting feedback which is provided on a regular basis enables us to track the substantial value that C2C is providing. I would not hesitate to recommend C2C to anyone considering any of their outsourcing services.

    Graham Hellier MBE Verified Learning ­ Spain / UK / Australia
  • I started by outsourcing Content Development to C2C. And overtime I also outsourced my book-keeping to them and they also assisted me in recruiting a person for my firm! They are truly HOLISTIC outsourcing vendors. Whether you want a KPO service or a BPO, they have it all under one roof.

    Founder CEO, Travel agency
  • I got an internal audit done from them and was impressed by their farsighted and practical suggestions on saving costs through outsourcing. I then opted for their customer care call center, and have been sustainably making profits since then!

    CEO, E-commerce portal of home appliances
  • I had outsourced Lead Generation to many vendors. But nobody got me better leads than C2C. My sales doubled overnight with their superb leads!

    Marketing Manager, Insurance Services

Financial and Accounting Services

Accounts and Finance department are responsible for handling the most vital component - money. And no enterprise can afford to have a goof up with its financial resource.

At C2C we offer prudent money management with our dedicated Accounting and Finance Support. The benefits that accrue from our services have resulted in huge savings for our clients and a sustained profitability.

You can avail the following select Accounts and Finance Services by C2C:

 Accounts Payable Processing

Payment to vendors is a liability for an enterprise. With efficient Account Payable Processing, you can directly save costs for your enterprise.

At C2C, we ensure that you pay only what is required, no more and no less. Our best services are distinguished from the rest as:

  • We take special effort to negotiate with each of your vendors and get discounted rates from them
  • We check the veracity of each bill generated by the vendors and ensure that the bill is genuine, before we release any payment
  • We cross-check all the bills to see if there is any duplicate billing
  • We resolve any discrepancy found in the bills and settle all any dispute with the vendor congenially, maintaining a healthy relation always
  • We ensure that bills are always paid on time and we don't ever have to shell out extra money as late fee

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 Internal Audits

Each enterprise needs to capitalize its strengths and opportunities while mitigating its weaknesses and threats, if it wants to achieve success. An Internal Audit scrutinizes every function of your enterprise to maximize the productivity and profitability.

We, the expert Auditors at C2C, perform an objective, thorough and holistic audit. Our best services are distinguished from the rest as:

  • We identify the gaps in your present functioning and the specific areas where resources are being drained
  • We make a comprehensive risk assessment considering risk from diverse sources like is there a risk of a fraud, any legal or regulatory challenges or any financial impediments.

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 Financial Statement Preparation

Financial Statements are a true reflection of your enterprise's health. And it is one of the most sought after document by your investors and shareholders.

At C2C, we offer Financial Statements Preparation (FSP) services, to deliver an immaculate, accurate and systematic Financial Statement. Our best services are distinguished from the rest as:

  • We prepare financial statements for all kinds of organizations with various ownership patterns, like private companies, public sector or social sector.
  • Our Financial Statement is prepared in the stipulated turn-around time by our expert Accountants

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 General Ledger Maintenance

One place where you just can't afford to have any errors is your Ledger. Careless book-keeping can lead to great losses for your enterprise.

At C2C we offer complete and accurate ledger maintenance by our professional accountants. Our best services are distinguished from the rest as:

  • We ensure daily updates of your Ledger and the latest transactions are updated within 24 hours.
  • We do book-keeping with auditing requirements in mind, so that auditing can be accomplished with ease.
  • The Ledger can be accessed by you at all times
  • We maintain a back-up of your Ledger so that your data is always secure even in case of any unforeseen disaster

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 Monthly and Year-end Closing Assistance

Finance and Accounts Departments are usually overloaded with work and racing against time during fiscal year end. But the haste and increased pressure cannot become an excuse for errors. Any enterprise can ill-afford inaccuracies in its Accounts.

We at C2C offer you the crucial monthly and year-end closing assistance. Our best services are distinguished from the rest as:

  • We provide you end-to-end assistance in preparation of accounts
  • We help you in final cross-checking of figures before submission
  • We help you streamline your processes so that book-keeping for the rest of year is more sorted

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 Payroll Processing

Accuracy in payroll is important not just for the enterprise, but also all the employees. It can be demotivating if the employees are paid less or paid late, due to the inefficiency in accounting department.

At C2C, we take care of all your payroll processing requirements. Our best services are distinguished from the rest as:

  • We compute taxes and deductions for each employee separately, so that you never embarrass yourself by first overpaying and then asking for refund
  • We make payments as required by you, under different heads like – travel re-imbursement, medical expenses, HRA etc.
  • We prepare the salaries well in advance so that you have enough time to go through the list and then all the payments will be disbursed only after your final approval.

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 Sales Tax Return Preparation

The validity of your business depends on filing your tax, appropriately and accurately. Often hiring the services of a specialized tax accountant can be very expensive.

At C2C, we offer you complete assistance towards filing of sales tax. Our best services are distinguished from the rest as:

  • We provide you an end to end solution starting from Registration of Tax to Assessment of Tax to issuing of requisite forms and pursuing appeals in Sales Tax.
  • We file timely tax and periodical returns
  • We use the modern tax software programmes like ProSystem®, TaxWise® etc. to compute your taxes accurately.

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 Accounts Reconciliation

Tracking your expenditures and money transfers is as important as earning it. Any mismatch in your various accounting records signals towards a problem. And this is why Accounts reconciliation is one of the most crucial steps.

At C2C, we scrutinize, tally and confirm the accuracy of each entry with our accounts reconciliation services. Our best services are distinguished from the rest as:

  • We share the accounts with you after marking all the inconsistencies so that you may tell us whether these are internal problems of the enterprise
  • We also provide you a list of suggested remedial adjustments for the discrepancies

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