What our client says about us:

  • We have used the services of C2C for both the collection of data and other data driven projects. At all times C2C has been very professional and carried out all the projects with extreme attention to detail. The reporting feedback which is provided on a regular basis enables us to track the substantial value that C2C is providing. I would not hesitate to recommend C2C to anyone considering any of their outsourcing services.

    Graham Hellier MBE Verified Learning ­ Spain / UK / Australia
  • I started by outsourcing Content Development to C2C. And overtime I also outsourced my book-keeping to them and they also assisted me in recruiting a person for my firm! They are truly HOLISTIC outsourcing vendors. Whether you want a KPO service or a BPO, they have it all under one roof.

    Founder CEO, Travel agency
  • I got an internal audit done from them and was impressed by their farsighted and practical suggestions on saving costs through outsourcing. I then opted for their customer care call center, and have been sustainably making profits since then!

    CEO, E-commerce portal of home appliances
  • I had outsourced Lead Generation to many vendors. But nobody got me better leads than C2C. My sales doubled overnight with their superb leads!

    Marketing Manager, Insurance Services

Back Office Support

Back-Office constitutes all such processes of an enterprise which usually never have a direct interface with the customer. These are internal processes of the enterprise which feed into its overall performance. And if a business undermines the back-office operations, then the business is bound to head backwards.

At C2C we don't just offer Back Office Services, but we strengthen the back bone of your enterprise.

 Chat and Email Support

Chat and Email is the way world communicates today, including your customers. If you are unable to respond to the flood of emails by your customers or if you are unavailable for chat when your customer is online, then it is an opportunity missed.

At C2C we provide live chat support and swift e-mail response system. Our service is the best and distinguished from the rest as:

  • We engage the online users in Live Chat support, which directly increases the amount of time a user spends on the website
  • We help the user find exactly what they are looking for within the website, leading to more sales, cross-selling and up-selling, especially in e-commerce portals
  • We prepare standardized e-mail replies with your inputs, which can be instantly sent out to the set of questions. And for any new unique queries, we obtain the approval for our drafted email response and send it within maximum 24 hr
  • We provide 24 hr dedicated chat and e-mail support which satisfies the queries of customers in real-time

  • Read more about for our Chat Support Services to avail..

    Read more about for our Email Support Services to avail..

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 Transcription Services

A transcription is not a transcription if it is not accurate. We realize how transcribing of just one wrong word or alphabet can change the entire meaning.

At C2C, we ensure that you get only exact transcriptions. Our service is distinguished from the rest as:

  • We provide you the transcription only after cross-checking it. After getting transcribed, it is scrutinized by a Quality Analyst.
  • We transcribe audio, video of various digital formats or records and cassettes also.
  • Our Transcription can be provided in a separate document or embedded within the video as per your choice.

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 Data Research and Analysis

Data Research is the first step of decision making. You cannot prepare any strategy until you anchor it with statistics and facts. Digging up data is a time intensive process therefore outsourcing research makes sense.

At C2C we provide the service of Data Research and Analysis wherein we pull out the relevant data for your perusal. Our service is the best and distinguished from the rest as:

  • We map the domain which we have to research and obtain an approval from you regarding it
  • Within the periphery of our subject of research, we exhaustively pull out data and segregate it on the basis of degree of relevance.
  • All the data is provided to you in a ready-to-use format, and simplified with the help of infographics

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 Data Processing and Management

Data Processing and Management is essential if you want to effectively use the Data, otherwise acquiring data becomes a futile exercise as all of it gets buried in reams of paper.

At C2C we process your data through digitization and tabulation. Our service is the best and distinguished from the rest as:

  • We perform data entry and create a digital copy of the all the documents which are otherwise stacked in piles.
  • We index your data, use codes and labels to make it easier to navigate through the data
  • We summarize the data and provide short descriptions which make it easier to construe for the user

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 Internet Marketing

With billions of people online, Internet Marketing can be a real money spinner. You can sell your products/services in the cyberspace with 'webvertising' and e-commerce solutions.

At C2C we offer the potent Internet Marketing Services. Our service is the best and distinguished from the rest as:

  • We popularize your product/service through Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation of your website
  • We execute the strategy of Social Media Marketing by generating the buzz and driving up sales by using social platforms like twitter and facebook.
  • We send out targeted e-mails to the database of potential customers as per the e-mail marketing strategy.

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 Content Development

Content is what defines your product/service and the ethos of your enterprise to the people.

Clarity of thought and choice of words in the content quintessentially indicate your level of knowledge and expertise.

Frivolous and error-laden content leads to the perception that the quality of your product/service would also be sub-standard.

At C2C we offer immaculate content development services. Our service is the best and distinguished from the rest as:

  • We obtain the raw material and insights from you to understand the subject of content. And notate your expectations of the content, like what should be its writing style, its length, etc.
  • We prepare content in the specified style, whether for brochure, or for web portal, or for SEO or for case study and reports
  • Our content delivery is always time-bound and zero-defect
  • We offer one time re-writing services on the submitted articles.

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