What our client says about us:

  • We have used the services of C2C for both the collection of data and other data driven projects. At all times C2C has been very professional and carried out all the projects with extreme attention to detail. The reporting feedback which is provided on a regular basis enables us to track the substantial value that C2C is providing. I would not hesitate to recommend C2C to anyone considering any of their outsourcing services.

    Graham Hellier MBE Verified Learning ­ Spain / UK / Australia
  • I started by outsourcing Content Development to C2C. And overtime I also outsourced my book-keeping to them and they also assisted me in recruiting a person for my firm! They are truly HOLISTIC outsourcing vendors. Whether you want a KPO service or a BPO, they have it all under one roof.

    Founder CEO, Travel agency
  • I got an internal audit done from them and was impressed by their farsighted and practical suggestions on saving costs through outsourcing. I then opted for their customer care call center, and have been sustainably making profits since then!

    CEO, E-commerce portal of home appliances
  • I had outsourced Lead Generation to many vendors. But nobody got me better leads than C2C. My sales doubled overnight with their superb leads!

    Marketing Manager, Insurance Services

Human Resource Services

Human Resource is the life force which propels an enterprise. The secret of every successful enterprise is a committed and dedicated staff.

At C2C, we help you to find the best talent for the benefit of your enterprise. And facilitate a mutually gratifying relationship between the employees and the employer.

You can avail the following select Human Resource Services by C2C:

 HR Recruitment

To have the right people working for you is most crucial for the success of your enterprise. Finding the experts to execute your work however is not always easy.

At C2C, we help you find the best professionals who have the aptitude and attitude towards the job. Our best services are distinguished from the rest as:

  • We also take a detailed job description, the exact work profile and Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs) from you. So that the applying candidates know exactly what is required of them.
  • We obtain your exact expectations from the professional, what should be their qualification, experience, expertise etc.
  • We provide you complete recruitment assistance, beginning from screening of resume to the final interview and joining.

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 Employees' Background Verification

Before you hire somebody, it is only wise to check whether everything written in the resume and everything said in the interview is actually true.

At C2C, we perform a thorough check of the references given and verify if the qualifications and professional experience claimed is correct. Our services are distinguished from the rest as:

  • We check up directly with the records of educational institutes to ascertain the educational qualification of the person
  • We obtain a thorough insight about the behavior and working style of the person by calling the former employers and work-colleagues.
  • We provide you a detailed character sketch of the person basis which you may take the final decision.

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 HR Management

Performance of the entire enterprise depends directly on the performance of the collective human resource. Therefore management of the vital human resource is a must.

At C2C, we help you to fulfill all HR needs, from finding suitable candidates for recruitment to giving their pay cheque. Our best services are distinguished from the rest as:

  • We execute all the functions of HR department for you virtually.
  • All of our data pertaining to HR like reports, strategies, etc will be shared with you.
  • In consultation with you, we will devise ways to motivate your staff and meaningfully engage them

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 Payroll Administration

Task of HR is not just negotiating the salary of employees, but also delivering the salary to the employees. The final salary figure is derived after calculating their incentives and their attendance, which can be a time-consuming task.

At C2C we offer you payroll administration services to determine and disburse the pay which every employee deserves. Our services are distinguished from the rest as:

  • We perform a diligent monitoring of working hours and compute the salary on the basis of total work hours put in.
  • We ensure timely delivery of salary to all the employees, without delay ever.
  • We amiably settle any salary related disputes by resolving all the discrepancies.

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