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BPO Services FAQs

How will you assure me about the quality of calls?

Before the project begins, you can choose to have mock calls with our Agents. Only when you approve the Agents’ call handling ability, do we begin our project.

Do the Agents speak in an easy to understand and neutral accent?

All our Agents speak in the Global neutral accent. We also have provision of Accent Training in American, UK, and Australian accent, if the client demands an accented voice. But most of our clients today prefer the Global neutral accent, which our Agents have mastered.

What is your Reporting system?

We have 100% call recording system, and you can get access to all our recordings. Besides this we have a daily, weekly and monthly report generation.

What is your Quality Control System?

We hold Calibration Sessions with our client to develop a model conversation. After that we implement it on the floor through Quality Managers, Quality Supervisors and Quality Analyst. For every 10 Agents, we have 1 Quality Analyst, so that personal attention can be provided to all.

What do I do if my customers have a complain about the customer care service?

We have a clear cut escalation process to deal with any complaints. We first obtain the detailed complaint from you then convey it to our Quality Manager. The concerned Agent will be probed with regard to the complaint and a resolution.

KPO Servies FAQs

Can I get combined BPO and KPO services?

Yes certainly. Most of the times our clients require a call center and also require chat and e-mail support or internet marketing. We are glad to offer you a bouquet of our services.

What is the assurance of Data Security which I will provide you for Back Office Operations?

We have foolproof measures for complete Data Security in our office. All the USB ports of work stations are disabled, to prevent Data transfer. We also have Firewall to secure our Data. Privacy clause is an integral part of our contact with employees and also our SLA.

How can I send you documents for Tax Calculation or Data Entry?

All the Documents can be received through FTP after they are scanned.

What is your turn-around-time for HR recruitment?

Within 2 days, we will start sending you the resume of relevant candidates. As soon as your approval comes through, we will schedule interviews with you. The minimum time taken so far by us was 4 working days.

I don't have too much of work-load, but I still need some support in back-office. What is a financially reasonable solution for me?

Many of our clients with similar situation opt for Shared Agent back office services. If you want chat and email support, then we will provide you with a person who will handle your account completely, and also simultaneously handle other company accounts, of similar low work-load. This will cost you lesser, and your work will also be done.

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