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Our Technology

Our Technology

At C2C, we prioritize Technology. For us, obtaining and adapting advanced technology is a vital function. We have experienced firsthand the empowerment which Technology brings. And we realize that in order to sustainable derive the power from Technology, we must be updated with the best and the latest. Therefore at C2C, we have equipped ourselves with superior technology, which has propelled us into the league of top rung service providers.

Our Technological assets are:

100% Data backup

We operate on two parallel servers. The sole purpose of the second server is to take simultaneous back-up of the other in real time. So we have complete back up of all the data always.

100% Internet Power

We possess internet connection from two different sources. So even if one source is acting up, the other source will fulfill the internet requirements.

100% Disaster Recovery

We have created alternate infrastructure and delivery mechanism to ensure that even in case of a disaster here, your services continue unhindered.

100% Power back-up

We have fuel powered generators which can take the load of entire office and ensure continued power supply.

100% Data Security

We protect all of our Data through strong firewalls. All the crucial data is password protected and access to passwords is only to select personnel. All our staff has also signed for adherence to privacy and data security clause as part of their contracts. We prize our client's privacy.

100% Physical Security

The infrastructure at our office has 24x7 security guards. We have biometric system to ensure that only the registered personnel can get entry inside the premises by punching in their thumb print. We also have restricted areas and zones in our office where there is only authorized access.

Wire Quality

The wiring and electrical connections which we have are all of the highest quality to ensure no fuse or lapse.

Phone quality

Our phones and headsets are by the best brands to ensure complete clarity in the voice quality.

Workstation Quality

Our workstations especially those for Call Centers have a special noise absorbing systems embedded within the ceiling. The working spaces are ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort for staff and enhanced productivity.

Computers Systems

Our systems are from the best service providers - Dell and HCL. The superior systems ensure higher work quality.

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BPO Services

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Back Office Services

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Digital Designing & Marketing Services

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