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Our Expertise

Our Expertise

C2C began its operations as an enterprise in 2011. All our Services of BPO and KPO were in offering since inception. Our management strongly believed in hiring only the best talent, to uphold the quality of services. This has resulted into a core team of experts in C2C. A glimps of our expertise is as follows:

BPO Services

Experienced Agents

We don't hire fresher Call Center Agents. The minimum experience required is 6 months. For any managerial position like of Floor Manager, Quality Analyst, Quality Supervisor etc, minimum 3 years of relevant experience is mandatory.

Global Accent

All our Agents are proficient in neutral Global accent. Pronunciation skills are an integral part of our interview procedure, and anybody with incomprehensible language is simply not recruited in C2C. We also have specific trainings for American, British and Australian accent, on the basis of project requirement.

Soft Skills Training and Capacity Building

We strongly believe in regular training for our employees, as this enhances their individual skill set and benefits the organization also. The Agents are taught about the best Tone and Tenor for call and they are trained to use refined language. Agents are also given tips on sales and marketing through persuasive eloquent voice, which benefits them in their Tele-marketing and Lead Generation calls.

24x7 Work culture

C2C is operational 24 hours round the clock. And we are available to our clients all the time.

We are ISO certified call center and believe in providing quality process with total transparency.

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Get best talented team to work in collaboration for your success.

You can avail the following services


BPO Services

Hire professionally qualified agents with dynamic personality and high confidence to build strong relationship between your company and customer.


Back Office Services

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Digital Designing & Marketing Services

We are the leading Call center, helping our clients in designing services, acquiring and retaining customer.

Call us to trigger the desire for your product among the prospects and trust for your brand.